Thursday, November 29, 2007

When to go to Slovakia

Slovakia has a continental climate with four distinct seasons. Summer is very hot, Winter us ski season in the resort of the Mala Fatre and the low and high tatras. Ski season starts in late december till march. Spring and fall are ideal. The sunny days comes in the month of May, September and october brings warm sunny days and cool night. By the end of October hotels and sight stars.

Major Festivals in Slovakia - -The major festivals celebrates either religious or country's folk origins. Biggest celebration is annual Maria pilgrimage in Levoca 1st weekend in July.
At this period thousands of people looking for hotel rooms and tables at restaurants.
The Pohoda Music Festival in mid July in trencin is the highlight of the outdoors rock music season.
Hotel reservation is the major issue during festivals. Online hotel reservation is the solution which gives you better options at easy available rates. One of the website is

Slovakia is amazing place to visit. When I was at the tatras I feel like I am in heaven. I fell in love with it and can't wait to go back for visit. The people are friendly and healpful. Situated in the Heart of Europe can win the heart of any person.

>> The good news for thoese who like to ski is that Ski resort Tatra Cableways will be officially open on this 22 dec, 2007 Saturday.
That day marks the beginning of skiing on the highest downhill run in Slovakia

Tickets will be available on multi-day with attractive discount not only in day time but also available at night time.
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Slovakia Destination

Slovakia is located in Central Europe a small, beautiful country with collection of natural, ancient and modern attraction. I have been to slovakia and visited traditional villages and there were impressive ancient architectures which are solid evidences of rulings. There are ancients buildings, gothic churches. In the ancient buildings you can find foreign influences . I was impressed with the design and architectures. The north Slovakia is full of forest and mountains. A friendly resort built on this fantastic lake further encourages you to spend time here.

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and surrounded by mountains. If you go by train, don't miss wonderful views of vineyards on the slopes of the little Carpethians which meet with Danube River.
I Have been there for a month and had booked a room in the Hotel online. Number of Slovakia hotels are offered by stayresslovakia and I chose Crowns Plaza Hotel located in Slovakia.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hotels in Slovakia

Slovakia’s accommodations and hotels in Slovakia are good . Slovakia people worked hard to provide nice facilities. Hotels in slovakia are very famous for providing free facilities like massage, fitness center and if you are going for business purpose then they provides the facilities like internet connection, Laptop if Necessary, have arrangement of xerox machine, well furnished meeting rooms and many more facilities.
I have visited lots of tourist attraction places all over the world but when I visited slovakia I was shocked that slovakia hotels provides free parking facility and there are lots of empty space. But at the other parts of the world It's very difficult to find free space for parking.
Climate of slovakia is moderate and is the right place to spend vaccation.
I belive in Online hotel reservation. I have booked many hotels online. But all website owners charges very high means more than actual rate there are lots of variation in rates if we compare from other websites. Online reservation also takes time to confirm. Then I found site which provides at the instant confirm booking at lower rates.
Last time I visited with slovakia with my girlfriend josy. We booked crowne plaza hotel slovakia for 3 days 4 nights. We were enjoying in slovakia and the services by the hotel. We decided to stay for 2 more days. but hotel admin were refusing to extend because of more tourists in hotel then again I contact to the site owner of then Provided us room in that hotel but they did not charge extra.
This is the best thing about stayresslovakia.
I can only suggest you that book hotel in slovakia from stayresslovakia site. other wise there are number of options but every wants best which is stayresslovakia

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