Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kind of food people like to eat in Slovakia

There is no such slovakia food / cuisine which is well known all over the world like Chinese or Italian But there are meals which that encounter most of the Slovakia recipes than all over the world.

Traditional food in Slovakia: Potatoes, wheat flour, cow and sheep cheese, cabbage, onions and garlic are the bases of the traditional food in Slovakia.

Rice does not grown in Slovakia but it is also the part of Slovakia Kitchen ( It is imported and widely used food in Slovakia ) You will often encounter beans, corn, lentils and other vegetables

Meats in Slovakia: - Pork, beef, chicken and fish are the most popular meats. Less frequently one will be offered lamb, goose, duck, turkey or venison.

Bread is very important in the nutrition and is used in breakfast and quite often in the dinner.

Fruits: apple, pear, peach, apricot, cherry, plum, grape, orange, kiwi, grapefruit, banana are the fruits in Slavokia.

National specialties:
• Bryndzov√© haluisky (small potato dumplings with sheep’s cheese).
• Mutton with sauerkraut, flavored with prunes, mushrooms and apples.
• Cabbage leaves filled with minced meat, served with a milky sauce.
• Sulance (potato dough turnovers filled with plum jam).

National drinks
• Borovicka (strong gin).
• Slivovica (plum brandy).

Legal drinking age: 18

At last Slovakia food is the best and one of the tourist attractive, they enjoy to have Slovakia food.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bratislava City

Bratislava City Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia - wonderful city in Central Europe. ( Bratislava Since ) 1969 (Pressburg, Poszonyi) is capital of Slovakia close to Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary. The Austrian border is almost within sight of the city and Hungary is just 16km away. Many beautiful monuments are there in the old town.

Spissky hrad
dunajec Gorge
Slovak Karst
Old town

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Facts about Slovakia

Official Country Name:
Slovenska Republika (The Slovak Republic)

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia.

Other Names: Slovensko (Slovak, Czech), Slovakia (English), Slovaquie (French), Slowakei (German), Slovacchia (Italian), Eslovaquia (Spanish)

Abbreviations: SK (2 letter ISO official ), SVK (Olympic 3 letter official)

Population: 5,447,502 (2007 estimate)
Population growth rate - .15%
Projected population in 2025 - 5,458,581 (2007 estimate)
Projected population in 2050 - 4,943,616 (2007 estimate)

Area: 49035 km or 18933 sq mi

Health and Education

Life expectancy
75years(2007 eatimate)
Female 79.1 years(2007estimate)
Male 71 years(2007estimate)

Education expenditure as a share of gross national product (GNP)
4.4 percent (2002-2003)
Number of years of compulsory schooling
10 years (2002-2003)
Number of students per teacher, primary school
18 students per teacher (2002-2003)

Slovakia guide and Information for tourism

Slovakia’s tourism industry has grown remarkably since independence. By the late 1990s the country was receiving more than 500,000 visitors each year. Slovakia’s historic towns and numerous mountain ski resorts are the more popular tourist destinations.


A brief overview of Slovakia's economic history before and after separation.
Slovakia Business practices: For those who wish to do business in Slovakia the US State Department has compiled some useful information.
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