Friday, December 19, 2008

Popular places of interest and attractions in Singapore

Singapore, a dynamic city, is rich in color and contrast with a blend of art, architecture, cuisines and culture. The people of Singapore are descendants of immigrants from China, Malay, Srilanka and India. Though all these have acquired the identity of Singaporeans, but they follow the customs, festival and practices of modern and traditional mix.

Singapore is the epitome of fusion of the East and the West, from serene gardens to sleek skyscrapers and from exotic ethnic enclave to efficient business centre. It is counted as one of the best holiday destinations with friendly and welcoming people and state of art infrastructures. Passport and visa are must for the foreigners visiting Singapore, whether it is for tourists’ purpose or for some business purpose.

Some of the popular places of interest in Singapore are mentioned below

Jurong Bird Park

It is the largest bird park of South east Asia, providing habitat to more than 8000 birds of 600 species form different parts of the world. It is the world’s largest collection of South American Toucans and Southeast Asian Hornbills and the world’s second largest penguin exhibit. It also organizes daily shows of birds of prey, Jurong Bird Park All Star Bird Show, Breakfast with birds and Penguin feeding time.

Night Safari

It is one of the well known attractions of Singapore, where you can come across one eyed rhinoceros or hear the howls of a pack of striped hyenas. It is a habitat for 1200 animals with more than 100 exotic species. It is a wild adventure for the tourist to explore.

National Museum of Singapore

It is one of the architectural gems with each of its two levels representing Greek Classical architecture and reconstruction of historical scenes and events displaying development of Singapore from sleepy fishing villages to the present day metropolis. Another exhibition shows the world of Chinese family with elaborate Peranankan finery and furnishing. One of the other famous attractions in it is Children’s discovery gallery, which manifest Singapore’s cultural heritage and performing arts. Beside it, Singapore offer number of museums to entertain tourists.

Singapore Zoological Gardens

Singapore zoo is haven for both visitors and animals. There are more than 2000 creatures in landscaped enclosures, thus replacing cages. Some of the special attractions included in it are interaction of kids with animals, thus enjoying excellent playgrounds, penguin gallery; air conditioned polar bear, miniature railway and six island primate garden.

Beside it, there are many attractions in Singapore, which attract lot of tourists towards itself. Book you hotel in advance and enjoy the trip to the fullest extent.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Amplifying Singapore tourism-an important factor of nation’s economy

All those who are planning for a holiday in Asia, Singapore form the main choice of millions of tourists. Sometimes the number of tourists even exceeds the number of people in the city. Excellent modern infrastructure, cleanliness, ethnic cultural groups and friendly environment all contribute in attracting and welcoming Singapore tourism. It presents a unique tourists destination in itself, right from the food, amusements parks, gardens, museums to vibrant nightlife and sightseeing. It is difficult to unravel all the attractions of Singapore, but some of them are worth visiting.

Singapore map provide you some useful information to tourists regarding their itinerary tour to Singapore. Under water world present spectacular scenes that leaves it imprints in the mind of tourists. Dugong, a Sea cow entertains its visitor with its acrobatic movements. One can even observes the series of interactive, feeding and training sessions, which demonstrate their natural abilities of tail-walking synchronization. World’s premier night zoo- Night Safari, is world renowned. It holds many surprises, more than 1200 animals of 110 exotic species.

Beach and Nature lovers will find immense pleasure on Sentosa Island. It is a fun paradise among the many exciting attractions – entertainment by day and night, dancing fountain, history and culture come alive, manicured garden, lush green surroundings to explore, and two challenging international 18-hole golf courses with scenic undulating views. Today, Sentosa is a recreational haven, which boasts of its kaleidoscopic range of attractions and activities catering to wide range of audience.

The Changi Museum brings something for historians. In order to honor the spirit and commitment of warriors, this museum inspires future generation to appreciate the heroic and inspirational stories that took place in Changi. Some parks and gardens, either botanical or zoological are really superb. Not only these, but there are many more attraction and ethnic groups places which in addition of representing cultural diversity, also offers lot of excitement and special cuisines for the tourists.

This tourists’ favorite destination provides superb choices of accommodation before its travelers. With increasing tourism to the country, numbers of hotels are also increasing to cater to the needs of their clients. Visit hotel map of Singapore, present on various sites to look into location of hotels and resorts in Singapore, so that you could make your right decision for the stay according to your needs. There is wide range of hotels in Singapore, ranging form cheap hotels to star luxury hotels that cater to the needs of clients on the basis of their budget.

By- Nancy Eben

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

India travel- an exciting trip

No doubt that traveling is a fun and travel to different parts of the world can really be exciting. India travel add fun, excitement and adventure to your trip as there is lot for travelers to explore in this diverse nation. Last year, on confirming up for passport and visa information, I made my trip to India, which really standout and left it imprints on the screen of my mind and caution.

I stayed in one of the hotels of New Delhi, the capital city. There was much to explore in its forts, monuments and high rise buildings. In addition to it, there are many places to visit in this peninsular mainland. Goa, the beach destination, Agra, the house for beautiful Taj Mahal, Kerala for backwater, Kashmir for natural beauty and many other sites in different cities were really amazing. The architectural beauty, designing and carving of several historical building is really awesome.